April 26, 2009

Idnaf Portable Senayan : Open Source Library management System is now portable

Senayan is an open source Library Management System. It is a web based content management system. It is build on Open source technology like PHP and MySQL. Senayan provides many features such as Bibliography database, Circulation, Membership and many more that will help "automating"  library tasks. This project is proudly sponsored by Pusat Informasi dan Humas Depdiknas and licensed under GPL v3.

I have known this great stuff since 2008 when I met the developer on IGOS Summit, an Indonesian open source event. I have tried OpenBiblio and I felt this software is not good enough in user interface as well as in user/admin control panel.

Senayan is built by librarians at Ministry of Education‘s library of Republic of Indonesia. It has very rich AJAX feature and will run well under  Firefox, latest IE and latest Opera.

Why does I build portable Senayan? Well, in 2008 I have to send an idea to change my campus’s library management system which is proprietary and I heard it is quite expensive. Thus, for demonstration purpose I have to build a portable web server containing Senayan.

Packages included in Idnaf Portable Senayan:

Requirement :

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP (tested)
  • Free space on hard disk or flashdisk > 300 MB


Go to screenshot gallery (by Fandi Gunawan)

Senayan’s Official Screenshots

Direct demo :

Download link :

Idnaf Portable Senayan :

Senayan Documentation :

Senayan Download Page:

Note :

default username and password

Username : admin
Password : admin

Username : root
Password : (empty)

Link to PHPMyAdmin :


Thanks goes to :

Other open source library management systems:


February 14, 2009

Idnaf.FileMon : Open Source File Monitoring Utility

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Yes, another open source from me. This time I have faced difficulties drawing PCB using KiCAD where there is no “UNDO” feature. So, I thought it is necessary to “backing up” every changes. Well, I thought it is necessary to create an automated tool to backing up every changes I made. Therefore, Idnaf.FileMon is created.

Features offered :

  1. Integration to Beyond Compare version 2 and 3
  2. Integration to Notepad ++/ Windows notepad
  3. MD5 checksum to prevent multiple change “collision”

Requirement :

Windows with .NET framework >= 2.0

Note : file will be backed up to DIRECTORY_MONITORED\.stor\FILE_CHANGED\DATE_TIME_STAMP\FILE_CHANGED (see screenshot)

Download :


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