February 28, 2009

White house email server’s down

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Well this is a fantastic news, the unimaginable sacred white house suffers email server meltdown.





Excerpt from CNN :

President Obama has his blackberry — but his tech-savvy press operation has been without e-mail for most of the day, and it’s not yet clear when they’ll get it back.

Obama press staffers had just made the leap to their official White House e-mail addresses Monday morning when the Outlook server went down. They weren’t the only ones affected by the crash, which also hit the first lady’s office and other White House offices.

So basically we need to learn from this, this proprietary mail server (they call exchange server) has nothing special than the free and open source mail server. The free and open source mail server has been proved be able to serve at high performance with smaller costs and better security (I am not saying it is bug free, but at least it is easily patched and traced). I think Windows is not suitable for server operating system and I think it will remains like this for another ten years from now (except Microsoft does a revolutionary change on NT core). So, the UNIX or *NIX OS be happy! This occasion is a good change to campaign against Microsoft products for server.

The time of UNIX or *NIX to reign their place in this computing world.  


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