November 23, 2017

Flashing NodeMCU Firmware

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After compiling the firmware, I need to upload the firmware manually. The tool required to flash the board (on Windows) can be obtained here, and then select Download.


You will need WinRAR or 7-Zip (free) to extract the rar archive. Double click the exe file and select ESP8266 Download Tool


You need to set the correct Crystal Freq, SPI Speed, SPI Mode and Flash Size (please check the datasheet of your board). The default setting Crytal Freq 26Mhz, SPI Speed 40Mhz, SPI Mode DIO and Flash Size 32 Mbit is just fine on my board. The next is to select the firmware and set the address to 0x0. The COM port needs to be selected as well, if you have not installed the USB to Serial driver please check the manufacturer website or download the driver manually. I found out that there are several variants of USB to Serial chip : CH340, CP2102 and FTDI. Well, you can google it to download the driver.

Then, press start to download the firmware and voila, you get yourself new updated firmware



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