January 16, 2008

Cryptography in Microcontroller

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One of my junior at President University, Edi Permadi finally released his works on the net about en/decryption and hashing method for PIC16F84. I personally like cryptography as well as its implementation in hardware (microcontroller or IC design). His works which already published are :



Implementing Simplified DES using PIC16F84

Direct file download :

Implementing MD5 using PIC16F84

Direct download:

Implementing Simplified DES using EEPROM

Direct download

Simplified DES Simulator

Direct download :

To open files above you will need WinRAR or  7-ZIP (recommended)

My comment :

It is a very interesting implementation, however NIST has chosen Rijndael to replace DES. I hope in the future he will be able to implement Rijndael in microcontroller or FPGA.

MD5 is no longer secure, it has collision. SHA1 is much better.

Links :


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  1. thaks for your information
    hope taht will be usefull for me

    Comment by Sandromedo — February 10, 2009 @ 4:52 am

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