January 16, 2008

My Favorite Compiler and Programming Language for Microcontroller

This is the list of my favorite compilers and its language for microcontroller programming.

AT89x51 (8051 family)



Microchip PIC




Atmel AVR




Since I don’t really like BASIC, so I did not mention any BASIC compiler for microcontroller.

My favorite microcontroller is Atmel AVR. It is pretty cheap for hobbyist like me and it has massive features.

Freeware   Freeware

Best choice  Fandi’s best choice

Search for reference:

Atmel AVR
AVR C Compiler
Buy Microchip PIC
Microchip PIC C Compiler
Microchip PIC Assembler
Atmel 8051
8051 C Compiler
8051 Assembler

Cryptography in Microcontroller

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One of my junior at President University, Edi Permadi finally released his works on the net about en/decryption and hashing method for PIC16F84. I personally like cryptography as well as its implementation in hardware (microcontroller or IC design). His works which already published are :



Implementing Simplified DES using PIC16F84

Direct file download :

Implementing MD5 using PIC16F84

Direct download:

Implementing Simplified DES using EEPROM

Direct download

Simplified DES Simulator

Direct download :

To open files above you will need WinRAR or  7-ZIP (recommended)

My comment :

It is a very interesting implementation, however NIST has chosen Rijndael to replace DES. I hope in the future he will be able to implement Rijndael in microcontroller or FPGA.

MD5 is no longer secure, it has collision. SHA1 is much better.

Links :

January 12, 2008

LinuxStroom : Linux for Electrical Engineering

Last year I had a project from my lecturer to create Linux which will be deployed in Electrical Engineering of President University. At the time I really need to observe the behavior of Electrical Engineering students and lecturers while using operating system. Most of them use Windows :(. So our team decided to make a convenient interface which will be easily used by students and lecturer. The first step is by creating Live CD for them so that they can try and can fully migrate to Linux which is designed for Electrical (Electronics) field. Finally after several weeks gathering packages on the net, the first pre release version was released. A sad news is that since last year I could not put it in Indonesian distro mirror site or other place for mirroring.

LinuxStroom is remastered version of Knoppix 5.1 (CD version) which contains Windows like interface and electrical engineering software.

Please let me know if you want to help me providing file hosting server for LinuxStroom.

Now you may downloaded it from

Thanks to Rudolf Meijering for providing web hosting for my ISO files.



January 11, 2008

Core.NET : Starter Kit and Virus Revealed released

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After postponing about two weeks, finally I be able to upload two files for Core.NET.





1. Core.NET starter kit 1.0-pre1
This package contains fundamental and manifesto of Core.NET
Grab it here :

2. Core.NET – Virus Revealed 1.0-pre1
This package contains introduction to virus and simple recovery for delf.axz
Grab it here :

The files are self extracting archive. Please scan your file before open it.

Other file :

Artikel : Belajar Tipu Muslihat Virus dan Pencegahannya

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Setelah sekian lama tidak menulis artikel, akhirnya di penghujung tahun 2007 saya telah menyelesaikan artikel mengenai bahaya tipu muslihat virus yang sering kali menjebak kita.

Pada artikel ini dibahas tipu muslihat virus yang umum yang banyak beredar dimasyarakat. Tulisan ini dimaksudkan supaya kita setidaknya tahu mengenai muslihat virus-virus jaman sekarang supaya tidak terkena jerat virus tersebut terutama yang belum mampu dikenali anti-virus.

Kutipan abstrak tulisan saya :

Belajar Tipu Muslihat Virus dan Pencegahannya

Beberapa saat yang lalu penulis bertemu dengan seorang teman yang sedang mengalami masalah yaitu laporan tugasnya terinfeksi virus. Penulis melihat bahwa anti-virus yang dipakai teman saya cukup up-to-date namun ia tidak dapat mendeteksi virus tersebut. Setelah beberapa lama teman saya bercerita bahwa ia termakan tipu muslihat virus : dokumennya berikon ala dokumen Word. Selain cerita diatas penulis secara pribadi sering menjumpai masalah serupa dimilis-milis. Berikut penulis akan memaparkan sedikit tips untuk beberapa mencegah kita termakan muslihat virus baru yang belum terdeteksi anti-virus.

Berikut tautan artikel saya di

Berikut tautan langsung unduh

Semoga tulisan saya ini dapat membangkitkan kewaspadaan dan kesadaran kita supaya tidak tertipu.

Tulisan saya yang berkaitan :

Artikel : Mencegah Virus Tanpa Anti-Virus untuk Win XP, Win2K & Win2K3 (update 2)

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Setelah sekian lama akhirnya saya bisa meng-update tulisan ini. Update 2 ini kemungkinan adalah update terakhir untuk artikel ini.

Berikut tautan ke halaman artikel saya di

Berikut tautan langsung ke file ZIP

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