August 24, 2007

Portable database : SQLite

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SQLite Currently I am working with SQLite port in .NET platform. It was amazed me that the database is compatible (mostly) for every port of SQLite. SQLite is a database storage manager that can perform standardized SQL syntax. The first time I met the .NET port is in a “ACDSee like” software. It was an amazing knowledge I got that it is not necessarily to have “server” with its daemon/service. I have  tested SQLite with 10000 times of insert and it works well in .NET platform. Wow an amazing tool for application development. Since it is portable some people said that the database file can be opened in every SQLite port such as C, Perl, Python, and .NET. Maybe next time I will post my application (the simple one) in this blog. I hope I’m not too lazy to do that.

For more information please check the official website of SQLite and check the port to your favorite OS or programming language. 

For other information (written in Indonesian) please check this link


August 15, 2007

Update : Anti Virus = Genius but Idiot

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Uhhm akhirnya saya bisa update isi blog yang ada dilink berikut :). Updatenya hanya perbaikan kata dan link yang putus yang berisikan hasil uji coba virus. Oh ya virus ini tidak dimaksudkan untuk mendistribusikan virus, namun hanya untuk tujuan pendidikan semata. Jangan salahkan saya kalau terjadi hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan. Dengan mendownload file virus-virus tersebut berarti Anda sudah setuju untuk bertanggung jawab sendiri atas apa yang Anda lakukan.

File tersebut dapat didownload disini dengan password uji_coba_viral

Feel free to send any idea, critics or donation 🙂

.NET Reverse Engineering Technique PPT launched

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This time I would like to publish my presentation files which I made for event in my campus but I canceled it. It is about the .NET Reverse Engineering Technique. The detail of the process actually will be presented in the seminar but then I canceled it. If you have any idea please post some comment. Thanks.

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