July 11, 2007

My new step into PIC world

Filed under: Misc — fandigunawan @ 6:26 am

In this four months I will have an internship. In the internship place I have to learn about Microchip PIC which is new for me. My internship place is very enjoyful, I really enjoy it. The company’s name is Ledin. This is a very precious experience and I hope I will get a lot of experiences here.


A Free Bode Plot : Idnaf.Bode.Plot

Filed under: Software Development — fandigunawan @ 6:16 am

Idnaf.Bode.Plot is a free and opensource software to draw Bode plot in which very important in many aspects of engineering. The software is available here.

In the zip file there are several folders which show you the sourcecode directory, the binary and screenshoots of the program. The “jar” is compiled using JDK 1.5, the code was edited using Netbeans 4.5 Beta. Enjoy it.

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