June 14, 2007

MUTEX is Finally Finished

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MUTEX is my project for Embedded System Design, it stands for Multipurpose Temperature Controlled System. The final report can be found here.


.NET Application Reverse Engineering POC

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In this link, I provided two examples of .NET applications cracking. This proof of concept shows us that .NET application is not 100% secure format.
There always a way to reverse engineer it 🙂 . The program was written for .NET 1.1 but you can use .NET >=1.1.

Thanks goes to TOM for providing me the CrackME application for .NET.

June 2, 2007

.NET Reverse Engineering Technique Workshop

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I’m planning to have a workshop related to .NET application. It is the reverse engineering technique of .NET application. Is this topic interesting ?. Please give me some opinions about this.

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