May 16, 2007

O geez virus again!

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Oh crap!, I got virus that infect office file. It seems that the virus add itself into my doc or xls and make it into exe. When we execute the exe, it will load the word/excel program. The Kaspersky Free File Scanner detect it as Backdoor.Win32.Delf.axz.. My files was infected when I wanna print my CV in student shop and what now all my office’s files become infected by this f***ing virus. Maybe I will keep this virus until someone make the repair tool for me. Or perhaps I can make it by myself 🙂 . I will kill this virus by myself if there is no tools out there that can repair my documents.


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  1. […] tool, fakedoc repair tool Last time, I told you that my files were infected by Delf.axz. See my last post. It was a nightmare until recently I found the way to recover it. The software to repair is […]

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